ADLINK Technology Launches New MCM-216/218 Boundary DAQ Data Acquisition Solution

Designed for test measurement and equipment condition monitoring applications, stand-alone application boundary equipment supports large-scale deployment of IIoT.


● ADLINK's ultra-small boundary data acquisition solution MCM-216/218 is a stand-alone DAQ device that does not require a host PC and is used to measure voltage and current

●MCM-216/218 data acquisition system based on ARM Cortex-A9 processor, built-in 16 or 8 channels, 16-bit analog voltage or current input, suitable for industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) 24-hour sensor measurement and status monitoring applications Related applications

●MCM-216/218 supports access and remote data acquisition, boundary analysis, and data acquisition and control monitoring system (SCADA)

Global boundary computing solution-Hualing Technology launched the new MCM-216/218 boundary data collection solution, further expanding the MCM-210 independent collection data collection series. MCM-216/218 inspiration data acquisition is based on the ARM Cortex9 processor, built-in 16 or 8 channels 16 bits, provides voltage or current input test and measurement, does not require a host PC, and is a stand-alone boundary device. The stand-alone DAQ data acquisition system MCM-216/218 supports boundary calculations and has a built-in web page and RESTful API interface, allowing periodic machine status polling.

Jemy Wu, a pioneer in China's IoT Solutions and Technology Division, said: "This new model represents a new generation of DAQ solutions on the market, which further expands ADLINK's data collection product series and is very suitable for industrial use. The Internet of Things (IIoT) application 24-hours all-weather sensor measurement and condition monitoring."

The ADLINK MCM-216/218 data acquisition system is a simple, scalable, and expandable microdevice that solves the challenge of small and medium-sized expansion in IIoT applications. Double-chain expansion ports can reduce additional network equipment, and can be farther away, further reducing the scale of the universe, and the overall investment case (ROI). ADLINK's success includes semiconductor factory digital, petrochemical plant monitoring, and video feeder vacuum pumps. monitor.

Hualing Technology's MCM-216/218 stand-alone boundary DAQ data acquisition solution avoids the complexity and extraness of the embedded system.

●Break the distance limitation for propagation and remote collection

● Convert data into information for boundary analysis

● Rich connectivity, easier to transfer data to a complete server or SCADA system

The MCM-216/218 model extends the MCM-210 series to provide a complete DAQ solution for factory automation, IIoT, and traditional test and measurement applications. Deployment challenges.